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BLU Inspection System for Mobile

BLU Inspection System for TV &
- BLU In-line Assembly Machine
- FPCB & LGP Assembly Machine
- BLU SUB2 Assembly Machine
- BLU Main Assembly Machine

LCD Cell Inspection System for
TV & Monitor

LCD Cell Inspection System for

LCD Module Inspection System
for Mobile
- OLED Inspection System

High-Accuracy Alignment for
- Appication Field
- Roll to Roll Inspection System

Touch Panel Window Inspection
- Cover Glass Inspection System
- Solar Cell Inspection System

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Inspection Specification

White Point &Black Point Defect

D < 120µm ; OK, 100µm≤ D ≤ 150µm ; 1ea OK , D > 150µm ; NG

White Line & Black Line Defect

Size : L ≤ 1000µm, W ≤ 30µm : OK

White Stain & Black Stain Defect

Gray Level Deviation Value ≤10 : OK


Measurement of Uniformity

Product Catalog

TEL: +82-2-465-9020

※ This system can be customized for the customer's needs.

BLU Inspection System

Use for ➡ Under 5.5” BLU (mobile phone)
Tact time ➡ Under 4sec
Powerful defect detection algorithm ➡ Low contrast defect detection
Reliable measuring algorithm ➡ measure defect size accurately

With [Loading ➡ Gray level inspection ➡ Auto defect inspection(front side & side view) ➡ protection sheet attachment ➡ auto unloading by OK/NG] processes, The machine detect the
foreign material,light leakage,mura,scratch,uniformity,bad assembly,bad LED lighting

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