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Shonics R&D Institute is

established to correspond the rapidly changing industry environment. For the goal, R&D Institute consistently researches more advanced technology and put the high-tech to practical application.

Along with research performance, Shonics R&D institute is continually training vision technical professionals through superior educational institutions. Shonics R&D institute also has been associated with national research institutes & universities to develop technology together by exchanging information & man power.

Based on competitive technology, Shonics Corporation performs business (technical sales) both at home and abroad doing overseas technical partnership and export business.

Introduction of R&D Institute

1. Structure of R&D Institute

  • Cheonan Headquarters Affiliated Research Institute/Seoul R&D Institute

2.Key research areas of R&D Institute

  • Artificial Intelligence(A.I):Development of inspection algorithm using Deep learning.
  • Research and develop the FPD inspection algorithm (develop and improve the defect inspection algorithm of dots, lines, mura which appear on BLU, Diffuser& Shading Sheet, LCD Cell& Module)
  • Research and develop the visual inspection and other F/A vision solution
  • Research and develop the high speed inspection algorithm(Develop the algorithm which can process each inspection item within 0.1 second)
  • Develop the system control program
  • Research and develop the vision optimized lighting and control technology
  • Research and develop the CIM technology
  • Develop and design the new systems

3.Research on national policy project

  • Small-medium enterprises technical innovation projects:2 projects

4. Patent

  • 10 patents including Back light unit assembly system (3 of them are under evaluation)
  • 3 patents on new device.

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