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- BLU Inspection System for Mobile

BLU Inspection System for TV &
- BLU In-line Assembly Machine
- FPCB & LGP Assembly Machine
- BLU SUB2 Assembly Machine
- BLU Main Assembly Machine

LCD Cell Inspection System for
TV & Monitor

LCD Cell Inspection System for

LCD Module Inspection System
for Mobile
- OLED Inspection System

High-Accuracy Alignment for
- Appication Field
- Roll to Roll Inspection System

Touch Panel Window Inspection
- Cover Glass Inspection System
- Solar Cell Inspection System

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High Performance & High Accuracy!!! Aligning Controller through Image Process Technology

FV-Aligner series are the equipment to fix position of alignment, and they can make your facilities more expeditious with high performance and high accuracy.
Based on Imaging Information from one or more cameras, FV-Aligner calculates correcting value of XYΘ to fix a "work" on standard position, then controls axis of a table.
The most of all, FV-Aligner has advantage to make your alignment system built very simply.

FV-Aligner ENG

This is an aligning equipment by using image processing technology.
To align, FV-Aligner transfers the moving distance of a table to a user controller, and the user controller can make all axis controlled.
Therefore, user controller (like PLC, any control PC, and etc…) completes to do alignment all axis finally.

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FV-Aligner UNT

FV-Aligner UNT is equipment to handle image processing and control axis completely.
FV-Aligner UNT controls a table by converting the moving distance to a number of pulses.

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FV-Aligner Specification Chart

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